DeWi’s PoC Paradox

With its LoRa network, Helium demonstrated the viability of Proof of Coverage (PoC). The LoRa protocol is well-suited for PoC. Thanks to LoRa’s long range and good propagation through obstructions, a network of LoRa hotspots sending out signals can simultaneously serve as a network of coverage validators.

In my view, PoC is the biggest innovation that’s come out of the DeWi industry. Understandably, folks want to repeat PoC’s initial success in emerging DeWi cellular projects. It’s not going to be easy. Given current regulations, Helium and Pollen’s cellular networks can only use low-power small cells. To make matters worse, transmissions are limited to the relatively high-freuqency CBRS spectrum. At high frequencies, cell signals struggle to penetrate obstructions and travel long distances.

We’re left with something of a paradox. Proof of Coverage is great for incentivizing the creation of cell coverage. The hardware and spectrum the DeWi industry has at its disposal suck for creating coverage.

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